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Pfizer Uses Positive Disruption to Manage Product Design Across the Lifecycle

COVID-19 forced Life-Science companies to reimagine the way they operate. Pfizer has adapted its Culture, Systems and Processes to drive increased visibility, control and collaboration that have achieved unprecedented results.

Join Pfizer’s Hugo Felix and Axendia’s Daniel R. Matlis for a “Straight from the Source” live webinar on 21-APR-2021 at 11:30 AM ET as they discuss how Pfizer is using Positive Disruption to manage product design across the lifecycle.


Using Connected Manufacturing to Overcome a Disrupted Life-Sciences Reality

Webinar Available On-Demand

By: Sandra K. Rodriguez, Market Analyst

The current pandemic has fundamentally shifted the need for modern manufacturing. Even while some manufacturers are maximizing production to deliver critical medical products, others are operating with skeleton crews to ensure business continuity.

I was recently joined by James Zhang, VP Market Development at PTC, in a Straight from the Source Webinar in our Series focusing on Technology’s Role in Overcoming a Disrupted Life-Sciences Reality. 

Connecting manufacturing equipment, people and process is enabling companies to improve resilience by increasing process visibility, efficiency, and throughput, while maintaining social distancing. Companies that have been impacted by reducing hours or shutdown, are leveraging this time to revisit their digital strategy for the shop floor.

“Companies have already been actively pursuing digital transformation prior to the pandemic, but the strains of COVID-19 and the economic uncertainty have forced them to accelerate transformation journey in factories,” said Zhang. The resilience and double-digit financial impact that digital transformation initiatives provide are more critical than ever whether the company is struggling with reduced demand or accelerated production. The companies that focus on transformation in the face of current market conditions will emerge in a stronger position than those remain tactically focused,” added Zhang.

Companies that balance their immediate priorities with new, strategic initiatives, stand to gain significant advantages as conditions normalize. Watch this webinar on-demand as we discuss:

  • The Need for Visibility, Collaboration and Control – Today and in the Future
  • Driving Operational Effectiveness During COVID19 and Beyond
  • Regulatory Support in Times of Crisis
  • Learning from Success: How Manufacturers are Rising to the Challenge of Operating in the New Normal.

Technology’s Role in Overcoming a Disrupted Life-Sciences Reality

The Watershed Moment for Modernization and Digital Transformation

By: Daniel R. Matlis, President

Life-Science companies are at the forefront in the fight against COVID-19.  However, many organizations are facing challenges managing their business in the new virtual and remote reality.  The demand for organizational visibility, control and collaboration to achieve resilience is a catalyst to modernization and digital transformation in our industry.

To explore technology’s role in overcoming a disrupted Life-Sciences reality, I was joined by Hugo Felix, Director at Pfizer and Sandra K. Rodriguez, Market Analyst at Axendia in a “Straight from the Source webinar presented by MasterControl.

This Event Brief provides key recommendations on opportunities to leverage technology to:

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Data Governance: the Foundation for Data Integrity and Digital Transformation

An Axendia Straight from the Source Webinar

Life-Science companies are obsessed with collecting data, retaining and hoarding it to meet statutory and regulatory requirements.

Unfortunately, most companies do not manage these data and as a result are unable to harness it to improve quality, compliance or process efficiency.

A formal data governance program supports the definition, production, and usage of data across its lifecycle to manage risk and improve the quality of data assets.

Join Joseph Ricci from Absolute Integration Inc., and Axendia’s Daniel R. Matlis for a live webinar on 04-March-2020 at 11:00 AM ET to learn how Data Governance is the foundation for data integrity and digital transformation.

We will discuss:

• The business, regulatory and technology benefits of formalizing Data Governance
• Building and formalizing a meaningful and non-invasive program
• Data Governance as a process, not a project
• How to use Data Governance as the foundation for data integrity and digital transformation.

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2020 Life Science Radar – Webinar Registration is Open!

An Axendia Straight from the Source Webinar

Disruption is on the radar! Life-Science executives must plot a course for success. That was the theme of our “Straight from the Source” 2019 Life-Science Radar webinar featuring Axendia’s Analysts.

Since 2005, Industry stakeholders and regulators have relied on Axendia for trusted advice on Business, Regulatory and Technology issues and trends. Due to our track-record of accurately predicting Life-Science trends, our clients often ask us to forecast what’s on the horizon.  To answer this question, we developed a 2019 Life-Science radar to communicate our focus areas in the markets we service, as well as share when we predict these trends will become mainstream.

Join us on January 29th at 11am Eastern. Axendia’s Analysts will discuss the updated 2020 Life-Science radar.

Many disruptors are closely connected and Life-Science organizations must take a holistic view when it comes to business, regulatory and technology trends in order to plot a course to success.

Can’t make this time? Register and you will be able to watch the On-Demand recording after the event.