Axendia offers a complete view into the growing needs and challenges facing the Health and Life Sciences ecosystem.


Since 2005, Industry Executives, Technology and Service Providers and Regulators have trusted Axendia to provide analysis, advice and insights at the intersection of Business, Regulatory and Technology domains based on trusted sources.

Industry Organizations

When working with Life-Science organizations on transformational initiatives, we provide actionable insights based on the following guiding principles:

  • Challenge the status quo when asked to recommend an initiative simply because “everyone else is doing it.”
  • Demonstrate deep Life-Science industry understanding to offer a holistic recommendation that takes into consideration business, technology and regulatory trends affecting the industry in general, their sector in particular, and their specific company needs.
  • Foster organizational culture change to enable genuine buy-in that will enable successful digital transformation.
  • Have the integrity to tell clients when NOT to start a project.
  • Help the client identify their real needs and wants vs. the perceived needs or wants.
  • Provide recommendations based on each clients’ culture, values, requirements and intended use of the system.
  • Provide tailored insights needed to make the best decision possible!

We Support Industry Organizations with

  • Digital Sustainability Strategy Development
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • Enterprise Architecture Strategy
  • Development of Current – Desired State and Roadmap
  • Benchmarking Analytics
  • Supplier Identification and Evaluation
  • Regulatory Roadmap
  • Change Architecture​
  • Human Factors
  • Ergonomics
  • EHS

Technology / Service Providers:

Axendia offers technology and service providers a complete view into the needs and challenges facing the Health and Life-Science ecosystem. We help our clients understand the market, identify customer needs, and uncover business and market trends to allow them to stay ahead of the curve.

We support Technology and Service providers through:

  • Life-Science Strategy Workshops​
  • Analyst Inquiries: ​
    • Business, Technology & Regulatory trends on our Radar​
    • Address key questions or decisions you are facing​
    • Request presentation and/or interpretation of Axendia Research​
  • Support strategy development and Go-To-Market plans​
  • Competitive analysis and positioning​
  • Keynote – Conference Presentations​
  • Executive Roundtables​
  • Industry Webcasts​
  • Success Stories ​
  • Industry Insight Briefs​
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Qualitative Research​
  • Quantitative Market Research

Regulatory Agencies:

We have established long-term trusted relationships with regulators including the US Food and Drug Administration. Axendia Provides trustworthy advice on a variety of transformational Agency initiatives. As a result, Axendia analysts have provided insights, advice, and research to FDA officials on a multitude of transformational initiatives including:

  • Regulatory Science​
  • In Silico Clinical Trials Advisory Committee
  • Review of the Future / Digital Evidence ​
  • Shift from Compliance to Quality​
  • Product Quality Outcomes Analytics Co-Chair​
  • Computer Software Assurance for Manufacturing and Quality System Software​
  • Innovation, Modernization and Continuous Manufacturing​
  • Digital Health​
  • Quality Metrics for Drug Manufacturing​
  • The ‘Case for Quality’ initiative
  • The transition from Documented Evidence to Digital Evidence
  • Advanced Manufacturing, Modernization and Digital Transformation
  • Quality Metrics

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