The consistent use of our logo

Using our logo correctly

The Axendia logo is comprised of two components, the pyramid symbol on the Axendia signature. These elements share a distinct relationship. Do not alter or modify the logo in anyway.

how  to use  the  Axendia Logo
  • Always allow a clear space around the logo equal or greater than the height of the Axendia “X” to protect the logo integrity.
  • The Axendia logo must always include the trade mark.
  • For digital uses, the minimum size is 75 pixels wide.
  • In print applications, the minimum size is 1.25″ wide for legibility purposes.

Logo variations

There are three approved versions of the Axendia logo (color, white and black). Only use these approved logo variations.

Axendia Color
Axendia White
Axendia Black

Looking to download the Axendia logo?

Use of Axendia’s logo requires written permission. Please contact Axendia for more information. By registering and downloading logos, you agree to our terms and conditions of usage.

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