AVEVA to Accelerate Growth in Life Sciences with OSIsoft Acquisition

AVEVA Briefing Note

By Daniel R. Matlis

Axendia was recently briefed by Craig Hayman, CEO AVEVA and Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of OSIsoft and their executive team on AVEVA’s completed acquisition of OSIsoft, and the implications to the Life-Sciences industry.

The combined portfolio brings OSIsoft’s data management together with AVEVA’s industrial software with a joint focus on unlocking “Performance Intelligence.”

Source: AVEVA

“Through Performance Intelligence, we can see worlds of data from bold new angles, and inspire better understanding of complex value chains, to boost performance and drive sustainability,” said Craig Hayman, CEO at AVEVA.  “The combined impact of AVEVA and OSIsoft will enable our customers to manage complex industries more efficiently. Our expanded capabilities elevate AVEVA’s commitment to deliver operational agility that turns opportunity into business value for our customers,” added Hayman.

Performance Intelligence Improves Operational Agility and Resilience

“Performance Intelligence” was the theme of the briefing.  By pairing the capabilities of OSIsoft’s PI System with the industrial software of AVEVA, the company aims to provide the rich and reliable data needed to better measure and understand products across their manufacturing lifecycle.  In addition, the joint solution intends to connect information and artificial intelligence (AI) with human insight, to enable faster and more accurate decision making, helping industries boost sustainability.

Source: AVEVA

“We stand in awe of the innovation of our customers – the people who operate our society’s essential industries – who use our technology every day to improve performance, protect health and safety, keep the lights on and make the world run more smoothly,” said OSIsoft founder, Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy. “They have inspired us to join forces with AVEVA so that we can broaden our scope and increase the value we can bring to their important work.”

AVEVA expects “Performance Intelligence” to improve areas such as organizational productivity, operational agility, and sustainability.

Life-Sciences Vertical Targeted for Accelerated Growth

AVEVA has a loyal install base in Bio-Pharma with the AVEVA System Platform and AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System. However, OSI PI System is ubiquitous across our industry.  

The combined “Performance Intelligence” offering could enable AVEVA to accelerate its growth in the Life-Sciences vertical. 

“I think you are right, OSIsoft had a larger penetration in Life-Sciences while AVEVA was beginning to grow its footprint in this vertical,” Hayman told me. “The combined offering brings to bear more heft to our future solutions to Life-Science organizations.  We frankly have Life-Sciences targeted as a growth Industry.  While we are growing in pretty much every vertical, we do see Life Sciences growing faster than the rest,” he added.

“While both companies had a presence in Life-Sciences, we are looking forward to working together with OSIsoft on the process side of the business, namely primary drug manufacturing, added Rob McGreevy, Head of Mergers and Acquisition and Corporate Strategy at AVEVA.  “Our footprint has focused on the secondary manufacturing, packaging, fill and finishing side of pharma with our controls, automation, HMI & SCADA offerings.  I think there’s a great opportunity for us to transcend both sides of primary and secondary pharmaceutical manufacturing for customers who are using our batch execution and then add the OSI batch analysis capabilities to provide significant growth opportunity for us as a company.”

In Brief

Combining OSIsoft’s well known operational data management capabilities with AVEVA’s industrial software, along with the power of information and AI insights can deliver “Performance Intelligence” driving improved outcomes for Life-Science organizations.

“With Performance Intelligence, we can confidently say that AVEVA is paving the way to become the industrial software and data leader, heralding the start of an exciting new chapter for the industrial software market,” concluded Hayman.

We will continue to monitor AVEVA’s offerings and strategy for the Life-Sciences industries.

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