Can You Succeed Without Commitment?

So why are most Med-Tech companies still trying?

In part three of the whitepaper series, we address the perceived lack of commitment in support of process improvement initiatives.

The research data clearly shows a wide gap in the levels of commitment across functional areas in Med-Tech organization.

  • Less than half of respondents (48%) perceive full Executive Management commitment in support of Process Improvement initiatives
  • Only 37% of respondents perceive full Shop Floor Personnel commitment in support of Process Improvement initiatives

We also reveal the challenges process improvement champions face implementing initiatives. Lastly, we discuss the industry’s firefighting mentality, a key barrier to process improvement initiatives.

Don’t have time to read the whitepaper?

Watch the accompanying One-Minute Briefing video.

To request a copy of these white papers or view the other 1 -Minute Briefings in the series, please visit the research home page at:

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