Are you Improving Processes or Merely Chasing Defects?

by Axendia Staff

While Medical Technology companies claim to embrace process improvement initiatives, most are chasing defect, according to our research shows

In this second installment in the whitepaper series, we discuss industry’s reactive nature and the need to shift to a proactive stance.

Defects are the primary driver for implementing process improvement initiatives.

  • Seventy-six percent of respondents cited reducing defects as a driver for implementing Process Improvement initiatives
  • Eighty-eight percent of respondents cited defects as the top form of Waste/Muda Impacting their organization

We challenge this focus on defects and discuss its impact on process improvement and the ability to implement real change within the manufacturing process.

Don’t have time to read the whitepaper?

Watch the accompanying One-Minute Briefing video.

To request a copy of these white papers or view the other 1 -Minute Briefings in the series, please visit the research home page at:

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