Smarter Healthcare Interview at IBM Pulse 2012

By:  Mary Gorczynski
Asset & Facilities Management Marketing Manager IBM Corporation*

The expo hall stage was the setting for my interview with Daniel Matlis, the President of Axendia, an analyst and consulting firm for Life Sciences and Healthcare.  

During the interview Dan touched on:

  • The hottest challenges facing healthcare providers in the current economic times, centered around asset and facilities management
  • The increased pressures for managing a sophisticated mix of devices, tools & equipment, systems & technologies and all asset classes
  • How there is no shortage of data within healthcare organizations, the key challenge is in the analytics to drive intelligence from that data
  • The challenges of locating assets throughout healthcare facilities
  • The recent series of articles published by Axendia based on conversations with industry executives on the impact of new FDA regulations on healthcare providers and
  • The importance of a smarter physical infrastructure within healthcare organizations

Take a look at this insightful interview:

ibmsoftware on Broadcast Live Free

This interview was a nice precursor for the IBM Maximo Asset Management for Healthcare Organizations flash demo (required registration): 

*Originally posted by Mary Gorczynski in the IBM Assessment Management Blog and reprinted with permission.
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