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Healthcare delivery has become increasingly reliant on state of the art medical devices and the multimodal data they produce. As a result, Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) Infrastructures have become vital to the collaboration and communication required to provide high quality care.

The United Stated Food and Drug Administration (FDA) examination of modern medical device networks and computer infrastructures, has led to the classification of most Healthcare IT infrastructure as a Class I medical device.

FDA classified these as Medical Device Data Systems (MDDSs).  MDDS devices are intended to transfer, store, convert from one format to another according to preset specifications, or display medical device data. MDDSs perform all intended functions without controlling or altering the function or parameters of any connected medical devices.

MDDS Manufacturers must comply with FDA’s published requirements according to the following schedule:

  •  The MDDS rule became effective April 18, 2011.
  • MDDS manufacturers must register and list their device(s) with FDA by May 16, 2011
  • Manufacturers must establish and implement an FDA compliant Quality System within 12 months of the Rule’s effective date
  • MDDS manufacturers must implement a Medical Device Reporting (MDR) system for their devices no later than April 18, 2012.

The Agency also issued guidance on Mobile Medical Apps for review by industry.

FDA is not alone in driving Hospitals to better control and manage their HIT infrastructures. To address this growing concern, the International Electromechanical Commission (IEC) in collaboration with International Standard Organization (ISO) recently issued IEC 80001-1 “Application of risk management to information technology (IT) networks incorporating medical devices.” This global standard provides a framework with defined roles and responsibilities for Hospitals, Medical Device Manufacturers and IT Suppliers to ensure the safety, effectiveness of data and system security.

For its part, Joint Commission has issued an Alert detailing specific steps Healthcare providers should implement to prevent patient harm related to the implementation and use of HIT and converging Technologies. According to the Commission’s’ Sentinel Event Alert, Issue 42: “As health information technology (HIT) and “converging technologies”-the interrelationship between medical devices and HIT-are increasingly adopted by healthcare organizations, users must be mindful of the safety risks and preventable adverse events that these implementations can create or perpetuate.”

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