Is Real-Time Cloud-Based Supply-Chain-Intelligence the Answer to Global Supply Chains?

By Daniel R. Matlis

I am quite sure concatenating multiple compound buzzwords for the title of this article violates multiple grammatical rules, but Real-time Cloud-based Supply-Chain-Intelligence solution for Quality Management is the best way to describe Camstar’s acquisition of SigmaQuest.

Last week, Karim Lokas, Vice President of Product Strategy for Camstar Systems and Nader Fathi, CEO of SigmaQuest briefed me on the deal. A provider of SaaS (Software as a Service) Supply Chain Intelligence solutions for product quality management, SigmaQuest serves the Medical Device, High-Tech, Clean-Tech, A&D and Telecom industries.

Camstar has been a key player in Manufacturing Operations Management, providing Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software to leading Medical Device organizations as well as other discrete industries.

MES has been a critical supporting improved product quality in highly regulated industries. MES is well suited in the command and control structures, often found in Medical Device manufacturing. However, this approach has severe limitations outside the corporate four walls. As Medical Product manufacturing began to shift to outsourced models, MES systems struggled to attain visibility and control over suppliers, assemblers and contract manufacturers.

Combining the rigid “command and control” capabilities of MES with the ubiquitous presence of Cloud-based Supply-Chain-Intelligence will enable Global Medical Product Manufacturers to realize the cost and agility benefits of global supply networks while ensuring product quality and safeguarding their brand’s reputation.

The addition of SigmaQuest’s Cloud-based offerings to Camstar’s strong capabilities will enable Brand owners to deliver high quality, innovative products on time, the first time, every time. This is a revolutionary step for the Medical Product industry.

The combination of Camstar-SigmaQuest into a single platform will enable Brand owners to close the loop across the complete supply chain, by providing visibility, control and actionable intelligence, regardless of supply and manufacturing strategies (in-house, outsourced).

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