FDA Working with Industry Stakeholders to Ensure the Integrity of the Supply Chain

FDA is working with its international regulatory partners and Industry stakeholders to identify and implement measures aimed at ensuring the integrity of the Global Supply Chain.

Have you shared your input?

In its latest report to the President and Congress, IPEC recommends that FDA mandate the use of electronic track and trace for pharmaceuticals and medical products in an effort to secure the Global Supply Chain.

Share your perspectives on ways to gain visibility, control and security of Global Supply Chains by completing this short survey (approximately 10 min.) at the following this link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Globalsupplychainstudy

This is your last chance to provide your input on Global Supply Chain.  

The Survey will close on Friday, July 16th

All respondents will be eligible to receive a complimentary copy of this Axendia Research Report.

To learn more about this research on Global Supply Chains, visit: https://axendia.com/blog/global-supply-chain/

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