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Enhanced Information Solutions Briefing Note

Axendia was recently briefed by Enhanced Information Solutions, Inc., (EIS) on its organization and their OpsTrakker solution.  For over 25 years, EIS has provided consulting services to dozens of Fortune 500 companies in the biotech, pharmaceutical, cell & gene therapy, and medical device industries. EIS has a dedicated team of over 125 employees and contractors specializing in Manufacturing Computer Systems, such as MES, software development and validation services, mobility, automation and DCS.

In March 2022, EIS announced the opening of the Enhanced Information Solutions Limited Puerto Rico Liaison office and hiring of Roberto Toledo as Managing Director, EIS Limited Puerto Rico. “We are thrilled to advance digital transformation to the island!” exclaimed Roberto Toledo, Managing Director EIS Limited Puerto Rico.

OpsTrakker replaces paper from manufacturing operations, with electronic workflows. “Using paper leads to quality issues and inefficient process,” said Lior Idan, Sales Engineer on the OpsTrakker solution.  OpsTrakker replaces paper logbooks and forms with mobile apps and leverages real-time electronic data to improve manufacturing operations.


Enhanced Information Solutions has strong partnerships with both established industry leaders and cutting edge technology providers. They are proud partners of SAP, POMS, and AVEVA, just to name a few. EIS is also partnered with innovative IoT enablers, to bring connectivity to the manufacturing floor.

Driving Digital Transformation

One area in particular which EIS is challenging the norm is connectivity. “OpsTrakker was built to be connectable and be connected,” explained Lior. Typical paper processes lack the connectivity necessary for a digital transformation. OpsTrakker features a suite of APIs to connect with external systems to unlock value across the manufacturing floor.

Traditionally, integrations take long to customize and do not reach certain areas of production, managed by paper. Paper leaves value on the floor and opportunities for error. OpsTrakker’s innovative approach to connectivity enables valuable digital transformation across these areas.   Enhanced Information Solutions is innovating across manufacturing to kickstart digital transformation initiatives for its customers. 

In Brief

For over 25 years EIS has provided consulting services to dozens of Fortune 500 companies in the biotech, pharmaceutical, cell & gene therapy, and medical device industries. The OpsTrakker solution was built for companies who want to kickstart their digital transformation with a mobile solution, where the burdens of paper logbooks and forms are felt.

On a personal note, the Life-Sciences manufacturing sector is alive and well in Puerto Rico. I was thrilled to learn that EIS made the decision to expand to the island and look forward to providing updates as they become available.

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