Veeva Enters Operations Execution Domain in the Cloud

Veeva Vault Quality Briefing Note

Axendia was recently briefed by the Executive team at Veeva Vault Quality, Mike Jovanis, Vice President of Vault Quality, Kent Malmros, Senior Director of Vault Training, Jason Boyd, Senior Director of Vault LIMS, and Gagan Bhatia, Director of Product Marketing.

“We are building the industry cloud for Life Sciences,” affirmed Peter Gassner, President and CEO of Veeva during his keynote at the company’s summit in 2018 (See: Veeva is Building the Life Sciences Cloud with High Speed and Velocity)

Since then, Veeva has made significant investments towards that goal. The company built a cloud native QMS solution, made inroads to provide the right content for the right station on the shop floor with Station Manager (see: Samsung Biologics CIO Shares Vision for Modernizing Manufacturing Quality) as well added new offerings in Learning Management (see: Leading Companies Modernize Quality Management in the Cloud).

During this briefing, Veeva’s Management team provided an update on new product offerings, including the LearnAboutGmp (now Veeva LearnGxP) acquisition, the launch of Vault Validation Management application for paperless validation and the company’s entrance into the Operations Execution Domain with the launch of Vault LIMS.

Today, the Vault Quality Suite includes Vault QMS, Vault QualityDocs, Vault LIMS, Vault Training, Veeva LearnGxP, Vault Station Manager, Vault Product Surveillance, and Vault Validation Management.

Continued Growth for Veeva Vault Quality

Leading companies around the world are adopting a cloud culture to lower the cost of implementation and ownership, enable collaboration with external partners, and simplify business processes.

Veeva Quality Suite customers continue to increase in numbers and now include 14 of the top 20 largest pharmaceutical companies. To date, hundreds of biopharma, contract manufacturers, generics, and MedTech companies have adopted Vault QMS to streamline and automate quality processes.

During the briefing, Jovanis also discussed transformative projects with Top 20 Pharma companies including Astra Zeneca, Roche, Bristol Myers Squib and Gilead.

Vault LIMS

Veeva LIMS represents a major milestone in Veeva’s objective to build an industry cloud for Life Sciences. This application symbolizes a new phase in the company’s growth as it adds Quality Control operations to Quality Assurance for complete end-to-end Quality workflows.

“Quality control labs can gain efficiency through digitalization and simplification,” stated Jason Boyd. “Vault LIMS will bring together lab and quality applications to improve productivity and accelerate time to market.”

As part of Vault Quality Suite, Vault LIMS will enable manufacturers to manage quality and lab operations in one unified solution and deliver the power and scalability needed across the Life Sciences value network.

Veeva LIMS supports:

  • Sample management from manufacturing to the QC Lab
  • Qualified analyst test execution with automation
  • Comprehensive quality data presentation for release verdict
  • Bi-directional ERP interface for supply chain integration

Vault LIMS will streamline sample management, test execution, and lab investigation processes for faster batch release and reduced inventory carrying costs.

Seamless integration with Veeva Vault QMS, Veeva Vault QualityDocs, and Veeva Vault Training will enable the use of standard operating procedures (SOPs), job-aids, and relevant reference content across lab operations. With a unified suite of quality and lab applications, manufacturers can optimize lab management and significantly simplify their systems landscape.

Vault Validation Management

A new application, planned for availability in the second half of 2022, seeks to enable more efficient, cost-effective validation lifecycle management. Vault Validation Management will allow organizations to create and organize validation activities, manage a global library of test scripts, and execute and record validation data electronically for faster test execution to support compliance.

Vault Validation Management will enable life sciences companies to transition from paper and document-based processes to digital processes. It intendeds to seamlessly share and connect validation process and materials across the Vault Quality Suite.

“Manual validation processes are ineffective, draining resources and increasing operational cost,” commented Mike Jovanis. “Veeva Vault Validation Management will allow customers to optimize the end-to-end validation lifecycle with paperless execution for increased efficiency and audit readiness.”

Vault Validation Management intends to reduce manual processes and eliminate silos to improve tracking and alignment across validation activities and projects. Quality teams will be able to use suggested artifacts and templates to drive consistency, ensuring good documentation practices (GDP) and data integrity.

Veeva Vault Training adds content with Learnaboutgmp

Veeva Acquired accredited GxP training content company Learnaboutgmp. Now branded Veeva Learn GxP, the Solution offers more than 170 course titles and over 450 microlearning assets, delivering a comprehensive eLearning library to help Life-Science organizations develop high-impact learning programs that reduce cost and improve training outcomes.

By combining LearnGxP’s content with Vault Training, Veeva can now offer companies a more efficient, end-to-end training solution to support GxP compliance.

“Learnaboutgmp is a leading eLearning content provider that consistently delivers training excellence for its customers,” said Kent Malmros. “By bringing together industry-leading learning technology and content, we aim to help customers drive more strategic training programs that improve job competency and compliance.”

In Brief

Veeva is making significant investments towards its goal to build the industry cloud for Life-Sciences. Today, the company’s cloud native QMS solution spans Vault QMS, Vault Product Surveillance, Vault QualityDocs, Vault Station Manager, Vault LIMS, Vault Training, Veeva LearnGxP, and Vault Validation Management.

Veeva has also grown its presence in the Tier 1 pharmaceutical market as well as midmarket biopharma, contract manufacturers, generics, and MedTech markets.

We will continue to provide updates on the Vault Quality Suite as they become available.

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