Using Requirements Engineering to Improve the Patient Experience

An Axendia Webinar Presented by Dassault Systèmes

Medical devices are increasingly complex, connected and integrated, and software is becoming key in delivering a high-quality patient experience and improving patient outcome.  As a result, the environment of care where these products operate are changing; with at-home devices and combination products are becoming more prevalent.

Medical device companies are also becoming more sophisticated in capturing more human factors requirements for the caregiver, the patient and the environment of care. Leading companies are broadening device requirements to consider all the stakeholders’ needs as well as building quality into the development process to prevent device failures and potential recalls.

Join Axendia’s President, Daniel R. Matlis and Sanjay Khurana, Director, Cyber / Electrical / Fluidic Systems as Dassault Systèmes on 28-JUL-2020 at 11AM ET for a discussion on how Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) brings together Requirements Development and Management facilitated by Requirements Planning, Traceability and Simulation to design products right the first time.

During this session we will discuss:

  • Accelerating new product introduction, reducing development time and cost, improving efficiency
  • Defining requirements right the first time
  • Designing products that support solutions experience
  • Moving from blockbuster products to precision and personalized medicine
  • Leveraging MBSE, modeling and simulation capabilities to deliver a high-quality patient experience and improved patient outcome
  • Quality Engineering, designing high quality-in vs testing poor quality-out

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