Partnering with Customers to Make Digital Quality a Reality

Sparta Connection 2019 Event Brief

By: Daniel R. Matlis, President

The theme at this year’s Sparta Connection was: “Making Digital Quality a Reality.” Under the leadership of Dana Jones, CEO of Sparta Systems, the company continues to focus on customer success by delivering on commitments, ensuring transparency, and building relationships to earn customer trust.

“We’re 100% committed to putting customers at the center of everything we do, and to partnering with them to accelerate their transformation to digital quality,” said Ms. Jones. “We’re also committed to giving our customers maximum freedom, flexibility and choice by providing a range of options with our cloud, on-premise and hybrid options.”

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To support its commitment to provide flexibility, freedom and choice to deliver quality based on customer needs, Sparta is investing across 3 dimensions:

  • TrackWise® QMS – Sparta announced their continued commitment to the TrackWise on-premise product for existing customers. They also announced that the next version of the product, TrackWise 10, will be coming out in 2020.
  • TrackWise hybrid solution – TrackWise customers can expand the functionality of their existing on-premise instances by seamlessly adding TrackWise Digital cloud modules to TrackWise. This includes cloud modules such as Complaints, Intake and Supplier Quality Management.
  • TrackWise DigitalSM – over 120 customer have selected TrackWise Digital

Using AI to Drive Predictive Quality

The company announced the launch of its AI-augmented decision making capabilities to enable a shift from reactive to proactive quality management.

Axendia has advised Sparta on the use of AI. (Read: AI Drives Shift from Reactive to Predictive Quality) Our research shows that AI software is spurring positive disruption and innovation in QMS.  AI is supporting the shift to a proactive and predictive approach to quality management since it can detect and address quality problems well in advance of what can be done today.

Sparta is applying machine learning and natural language processing in TrackWise Digital to auto-categorize intake of complaints and quality events, driving improved productivity and intelligent decision making across the organization.

The new AI capabilities enable organizations to improve users’ productivity by leveraging historical quality data from TrackWise and TrackWise Digital to determine the likely level of risk of a new complaint or quality event so that the most important events can be identified and resources allocated more effectively and efficiently.

“We’re tremendously proud to be the first company to embed artificial intelligence into QMS for Life-Sciences,” said Vinit Doshi, Chief Operating Officer at Sparta. “This is the first step in our innovation roadmap to build deep AI capabilities into our product to assist human decision making and ultimately help our customers realize the vision of predictive quality.”

Download the entire Event Brief.



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