Disruption is on the Radar! You Must Plot a Course for Success.

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Disruption is on the radar! Life-Science executives must plot a course for success.  That was the theme of our “Straight from the Source” webinar featuring Axendia’s President, Daniel R. Matlis and Sandra K. Rodriguez, Market Analyst, on February 20th.

Since 2005, Industry stakeholders and regulators have relied on Axendia for trusted advice on Business, Regulatory and Technology issues and trends.  Due to our track-record of accurately predicting Life-Science trends, our clients often ask us to forecast what’s on the horizon.

To answer this question, we developed a Life Science radar to communicate our focus areas in the markets we service, as well as share when we predict these trends will become mainstream.

While we have plotted some disruptors closer than others, Life-Science Industry innovators are already harnessing the tail winds of this positive disruption to leapfrog their competition. It is only a matter of time before these trends become mainstream.

Many disruptors are closely connected and Life-Science organizations must take a holistic view when it comes to business, regulatory and technology trends in order to plot a course to success.

In this session we covered topics including:

  • Closing the Loop/Total Product Lifecycle Management and Shifting from Compliance to Quality
  • Value-Based Care
  • Global Regulatory Harmonization
  • The Impact of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)
  • Manufacturing 4.0/Industry 4.0
  • Modeling & Simulation

View the Webinar On-Demand:  2019 Life-Science Radar.

Register and receive an Internal-Use Copy of our 2019 Life-Science Radar.

Have questions? Let Axendia help you plot a course for success!


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