Lucky 13! What’s in a Number?

At Axendia, We Consider 13 More Than a Lucky Number!

We are quickly approaching our 13 Year Anniversary!  Since 2005, we have been providing trusted advice to Life-Science Industry Executives on Business, Regulatory and Technology Matters. It’s more than just luck, our analysts help a diverse set of clients achieve positive disruption through primary research and deep industry experience in a complex and highly regulated Industry.  Not only is our staff passionate about what they do, they average 20 years of Life-Science industry experience.

As a result, Axendia has proudly built long-term relationships across a broad industry ecosystem including:

Life-Science and Healthcare Organizations 68530 Connected Doctor

We provide strategic advice on key initiatives and understand the issues and priorities facing Industry Executives. We architect strategic road-maps to support positive disruption.

Examples include:

Technology and Service Providers Outcome based Medicine-Low-Res 

Our Analysts offer a complete view into the needs, challenges and trends within the Life-Science and Healthcare ecosystem. We can help you understand the market, identify customer needs, and help you uncover trends to allow you to stay ahead of the curve.

Examples include: event coverage, primary market research, customer case studies and the analyst perspective for webinars and conference participation:


Regulatory Agencies

Axendia has presented findings from its research at FDA Headquarters to Center Directors and staff. Our involvement in the FDA’s Case for Quality over the past 5 years has resulted in a trusted relationship with FDA Officials. Our analysts have presented alongside FDA officials at multiple Forums and have participated in the creation of reports and content on transformational topics.

Let us help you navigate a changing regulatory landscape:

We are thrilled to celebrate our 13th year providing trusted advice to Life-Science and Healthcare organizations, technology and service providers and for our ongoing relationships with regulators.   We take great pride in the work we do and are ready to help you!

Is Your Organization Ready to Adopt Positive Disruption to Thrive? 

Contact our analyst team today:

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