ComplianceQuest Offers Cloud Native Enterprise Quality Management Solutions

By: Daniel R. Matlis

Axendia was recently briefed by ComplianceQuest’s executive team.  The team, 80% of whom have deep experience in the Enterprise Quality Management Solutions (EQMS) market, has developed a cloud native EQMS built on the Salesforce platform.

ComplianceQuest was developed on the Salesforce cloud solution to provide a worry-free infrastructure platform that can be available anywhere, anytime. In addition, Salesforce provides a reliable, versatile infrastructure that can scale for all size companies. Another benefit of developing on the Salesforce platform is the ability to leverage advanced capabilities such as mobility, social media, artificial intelligence and machine learning and be ready for future technologies.Network_Navy_F

“ComplianceQuest provides a unique combination of niche experience, solutions and services across multiple industries with comprehensive capabilities in quality, safety and compliance throughout the supply chain,” said Nikki Willett, Chief Strategy Officer at ComplianceQuest. “Suitable for small companies and secure, scalable and flexible to meet the needs of medium and global enterprises, ComplianceQuest is easy to implement, validate and use,” she added.

Validating in the Cloud

While there are significant benefits to rolling out a cloud based solution including rapid time to value; moving to the cloud requires a paradigm shift when it comes to computer system validation.

A question we often get when discussing the cloud with Life-Science industry executives is: “Do you know when FDA will issue new regulation to deal with Cloud solutions?”

Our answer: “Do you really want more regulation?”

In fact, FDA has already issued regulation dealing with Cloud solutions as we discussed in “Validating the Cloud”.ValidatingTheCloud

“We chose Salesforce as our cloud business platform because they are committed to achieving and maintaining the trust of customers by providing a robust compliance program that carefully considers data protection matters across the platform, including data submitted by customers” said Nikki Willett, Chief Strategy Officer at ComplianceQuest

As technology companies continue to shift to the Cloud, Life-Science companies will embrace Cloud solutions.  However, they must recognize that traditional on premise approaches to validation are not applicable to the Cloud.  Life -Science organizations must develop validation approaches that address todays “cloud” reality.

Connecting the Dots

ComplianceQuest realized that their solution must connect the dots by easily integrating with enterprise software such as ERP, laboratory information management (LIMS), product lifecycle management (PLM), manufacturing execution (MES), and enterprise asset management (EAM) systems to support visibility and control to support quality metrics and other regulatory requirements.

This approach would enable Life Science companies to aggregate and analyze critical to quality data as they shift their focus from compiling documents to focusing on quality metrics.

In Brief

ComplianceQuest’s cloud native solution leverages the Salesforce platform to provide secure, scalable and flexible EQMS functionality for companies seeking faster implementation, validation, and time to value. ComplianceQuest’s cloud native approach can support quality, compliance, collaboration and communication across the product value chain.

Leveraging the Salesforce ecosystem, ComplianceQuest offers a comprehensive solution supporting quality, safety and compliance which be configured with complementary capabilities from the Salesforce Cloud and AppExchange partners to meet unique customer needs.

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