QMS comes from the Cloud

Veeva Expands Native Cloud Offering for Quality Management with Vault QMS

Life Science companies are increasingly operating within global and outsourced models.  While the operational paradigm has changed, quality systems and technology infrastructures have not kept pace.  As a result, managing quality and compliance activities in an increasingly fragmented ecosystem is a difficult and labor intensive process.Too-Much-Tech

This is not for a lack of technology. Axendia’s research consistently shows that most companies use a multitude of stand-alone systems. These were generally implemented by functional areas and sites to address specific regulatory compliance needs. Consequently, most companies have redundant systems that are generally accessible by a limited number of people and only within a company’s four walls.This approach is very inefficient and makes reporting a single version of the truth across the global and outsourced ecosystem difficult if not impossible since it:

  • Creates data islands that hinder visibility across a global organization
  • Makes solving companywide problems across data islands extremely difficult
  • Is tedious and costly to coalesce data into meaningful information

As a result, it is difficult to connect the dots to make “intelligent “decisions.

A Solution from the Cloud?

To support a single source of truth, Life Science organizations need platforms that provide visibility, control, collaboration and data integrity across the ecosystem.

Veeva recently briefed Axendia on Vault Quality, a cloud native suite of products that combines Vault QualityDocs with the new Vault QMS. Vault Quality provides a seamless QMS and quality content management solution, enabling collaboration across internal and external constituents throughout the ecosystemVeeva-Quality.

Veeva built Vault QMS on top of its widely used Vault platform.  This enabled its team to leverage infrastructure and functionality – from Veeva’s suite of enterprise applications – releasing the quality solution in record time (6 months sooner than originally expected).

To empower Life Sciences companies and streamline their business processes across an increasingly broad ecosystem of internal and external stakeholders, today’s platform must support collaboration and the ability to provide the right people access to the right information every time, from anywhere.

Vault Quality supports a single source of truth by facilitating:

  • The ability to model and support processes that span internal and external partners.
  • Direct access to a Life Sciences company’s systems and applications in real time for authorized external partners.
  • Easy sharing and exchanging of content to support collaboration and more controlled processes
  • Real-time access to accurate information to support Visibility, Control and Data Integrity
  • Collection and analysis of data needed to support quality and compliance requirements
  • A single source of truth for information to support a regulatory audit across an entire supply chain

New Business Models Call for New Approaches

Global_Computer_Network_blue_cTo support a single source of truth across a global and outsourced ecosystem, Life Sciences organizations are shifting their focus from internally facing point solutions to platforms designed to give appropriate people access to the right information, every time, from anywhere.  This level of transparency offers a single source of truth for all parties — leading to improved control and collaboration, as well as simplifying complex and error prone processes that involve quality data and documents.

Veeva’s Vault Quality cloud native solution supports the ability to achieve a single source of truth to reduce complexity and increase business agility across today’s global and outsourced ecosystem.

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