IBM Wants to Use Watson to Fix a Disconnected Healthcare System

By Ellyn McMullin, Research Associate, Axendia

IBM’s recently announced new business unit – Watson Health- has collaborated with major players in the Healthcare industry. These new collaborations include Apple, Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic. The promise of the “Watson Discovery Advisor” reviewed a few months ago in a Life –Science Panorama article has evolved into targeted goals. IBM has established new partnerships that will transform the patient experience, improve healthcare and accelerate medical research. Watson-Learns

IBM and Apple will expand their partnership to apply cloud services and analytics to HealthKit, ResearchKit and iOS devices. Mobile devices capture vast amounts of health data from today’s consumers. HealthKit and ResearchKit harness data so it can be used to improve health and accelerate medical research. With ResearchKit, researchers can create apps that take advantage of the power of mobile devices. (See: Apple Wants to use your iPhone’s Health Data for Medical Research ) IBM is planning to build a suite of enterprise wellness apps using HealthKit. These iOS apps will be designed for enterprises to work with their employees to better manage their health needs across acute diseases to general fitness.

“Our deep understanding and history in the healthcare industry will help ensure that doctors and researchers can maximize the insights available through Apple’s HealthKit and ResearchKit data,” said John E. Kelly III, senior vice president, IBM Research and Solution Portfolio. “IBM’s secure data storage and analytics solutions will enable doctors and researchers to draw on real-time insights from consumer health and behavioral data at a scale never before possible.”

Johnson & Johnson will collaborate with IBM to provide healthcare systems with holistic virtual coaching and rehabilitation solutions. As a first step J&J envisions the launch of a next-generation health and wellness coaching solutions centered on preoperative and postoperative patient care for joint replacement and spine surgeries.

“Healthcare providers and hospital systems are actively trying to make their approach to care more consumer-centric and to understand their patient in new ways,” commented John E. Kelly III IBM senior vice president. “Combining Watson’s deep cognitive insights with the consumer expertise and broad health care and life sciences portfolio of Johnson & Johnson, creates a unique combination that can help solve some of the world’s biggest health and wellness challenges.”

Medtronic will work together with IBM to combine powerful analytics and cognitive computing with diabetes medical devices and health data to create personalized care management solutions that will optimize patient outcomes and health economics for people with diabetes.

“We are building a secure open innovation platform that could change the face of diabetes management” noted John E. Kelly, IBM senior vice president. “Medtronic and IBM can marry the power of analytics, cognitive computing and patient engagement with the world’s most sophisticated diabetes management devices to truly change how people with diabetes live.”

IBM its clients, partners and medical researchers are accelerating the development of a new generation of data-driven applications and solutions built on the IBM Health Cloud and IBM Watson cognitive solutions to advance health and wellness.

IBM wants to use Watson and the cloud to create a highly scalable and secure global information platform designed to seek out individualized insights that help consumers, patients and providers make timely, evidence-based decisions about health-related issues.

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