Do You Need to Develop a Quality Backbone?

By Axendia Staff

In business, the only constant is change.  New markets open up, disruptive products are developed, competitive landscapes change and internal environments must evolve to accommodate them.

Companies are looking for ways to improve product quality, customer satisfaction and profitability while at the same time dealing with increasing costs, competition and regulatory pressures.

Too often organizations address their quality and regulatory requirements by implementing modular, point solutions that meet specific needs. This approach has led to the proliferation of a wide variety of non-integrated systems that may help individual departments/divisions manage their responsibilities but have created data islands.

Disconnected systems make identifying and solving company-wide issues extremely challenging since data integration and visibility across the global organization becomes very difficult. In addition, a modular approach to quality management is an inefficient way to manage critical processes and often results in increased costs.

Utilizing an Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) backbone to manage quality and regulatory issues enables a broader and deeper view across the organization.  It also facilitates the early identification of issues and supports a systematic approach to address them.

By using this backbone approach, an integrated EQMS becomes an investment, instead of an expense. An enterprise quality management solution provides tangible benefits such as increased operational efficiencies, and global standardization for external and internal stakeholders and suppliers.

In an interactive discussion, Daniel R. Matlis, President of Axendia shares his perspective on this backbone approach with Mohan Ponnudurai, Industry Solutions Director at Sparta Systems.

During this session, Dan shares key takeaways from Axendia’s Brief “Developing a Quality Backbone; Improving Total Cost of Ownership with EQMS[1].” He presents strategies companies can use to lower costs and reduce exposure to product liability with a backbone approach to EQMS.  Dan also shares 10 key questions to ask when evaluating EQMS Providers.

Listen to this interactive discussion and request your copy of the companion Industry Brief sponsored by Sparta Systems, at:

[1] This Paper was written by Axendia, Inc. on behalf of Sparta Systems
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