Research Addresses Challenges in the Globalization of Life Science Products

Global Supply Chain Visibility, Control & Collaboration; Regulatory Necessity, Business Imperative  

The dynamics of the Global Supply Chain are driving the Life Science ecosystem to seek innovative approaches which improve product safety while at the same time reducing costs and risks. To attain the sustained benefits of globalization, the Life Science ecosystem must implement a new paradigm to manage Global Supply Chains. This was a key finding of a major study of Pharmaceutical Drug, Medical Device and Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry Executives released today by the analyst and strategic advisory firm Axendia, Inc. 


Life Science Stakeholders must implement strategies which capitalize on the benefits of globalization, while proactively reducing and controlling risks.  This calls for changing the business, technology and regulatory models traditionally used by the Industry.

To this end, the research report recommends the Life Science ecosystem implement:

  • On-Demand-Visibility
  • Control Over the Global Supply Network
  • Collaboration Strategies

The complete findings of this research study are available today in a new report entitled, “Global Supply Chain Visibility, Control & Collaboration: Business Imperative, Regulatory Necessity”.


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