Global Supply Chain Visibility and Security; Business Necessity, Regulatory Imperative

Axendia Launches Life Sciences Global Supply Chain Research Study

The globalization of manufacturing and supply of medical products has created unique and demanding challenges for the Life Sciences industry and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration alike.  In light of recent adverse events, Industry and regulators are preparing to take significant steps to secure the Global Supply Chain.

Axendia, Inc., today announced that it has launched a research study entitled, “Global Supply Chain Visibility and Security; Business Necessity, Regulatory Imperative”.   This research seeks to identify and analyze trends, requirements, and initiatives Life-Science companies are undertaking to gain deeper visibility and controls over Global Supply and Value Chains.

The study will focus on:

  • Assessing current and desired states of Life Science supply chains
  • Identifying key challenges facing global and outsourced ecosystems
  • Outlining innovative strategies and system to enable and guide this transformation
  • Provide a roadmap to achieve Global Supply Chain Visibility and Security

Axendia researchers will seek insight from industry leaders and regulators on innovative strategies and technologies, enabling supply chain visibility and security, risk mitigate, and increased business success.

The results of this study will be presented in a report detailing current and best practices in Global Supply Chain Visibility and Security in Life Sciences. The research report will include tables and charts supporting research findings. Axendia will conduct the study research, analysis and report, and retain full editorial control.

This research study is co-sponsored by leading companies active in the Life Sciences sector, including (in alphabetical order): Camstar Systems ( and IBM ( These companies are working to increase the understanding of processes and systems that support global visibility and transparency across the Life Sciences value chain.
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