Lowering the Cost of Healthcare from Inside Out

IBM Axendia HC Webcast

Healthcare providers are under more pressure than ever to improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs, while ensuring compliance with a myriad of applicable regulations. The proliferation of Medical Technologies has created a new level of complexity and risks for Healthcare organizations.

To meet these sometime divergent objectives, Healthcare providers must find ways to effectively manage a sophisticated mix of clinical, biomedical and facilities systems and equipment.

At the same time, healthcare administrators are looking for opportunities to maximize service delivery while managing the costs associated with these increasingly complex assets. Integrated Asset Management can help hospitals reduce costs, increase efficiencies and improve the quality of patient care.

To examine these issues and offer recommendations, IBM in cooperation with Axendia are proud to present a webcast entitled “Lower the Cost of Healthcare from the Inside Out”.

During this session, we discuss:

  • Key business technology and regulatory trends facing the industry
  • Ways to leverage the latest Asset Management solutions to improve care while controlling costs
  • How healthcare organizations around the world have lowered the cost of healthcare from inside out using Asset Management solutions

To view this on-demand event, visit:

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