CAMSTAR Poised to Support Medical Product Manufacturing in APAC

By Daniel R. Matlis

Last week, Karim Lokas, Vice President of Product Strategy for Camstar Systems, briefed me on the company’s acquisition of Technology Resources Group (TRG). A recognized leader in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, TRG has expertise in manufacturing execution, equipment automation, manufacturing applications development, and program management for enterprise solution deployments. The acquisition is expected to accelerate the Camstar’s growth in the Greater China and Southeast Asian markets. This will place Camstar in an advantageous position to provide support for the growing number of global companies manufacturing and sourcing products in APAC.

However, TRG focuses primarily on Semiconductor, Solar and Electronics verticals. So why was I briefed?

Global Life-Sciences companies increasingly source and outsource to the APAC region. Yet a number of recent high-profile cases have focused Regulators and Manufacturers alike on the need to better manage and secure the global supply chain. (See “Pfizer and FDA Share Perspectives on Global Supply Chain Security“).

The sustained growth of Medical Product manufacturing in developing economies hinges on their ability to consistently provide products that meet the high quality standards that are expected by today’s global marketplace. Achieving this goal will require the implementation of systems and processes that provide real-time visibility, controls and situational-awareness around the corner and across the globe.

The combined services and support teams of Camstar in Asia will greatly enhance the firm’s ability to support the expected growth of medical product manufacturing in key APAC countries like China, India, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.

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