The Age of Continuous Innovation

By Daniel R. Matlis

Last week, the folks at Camstar asked me to provide my thoughts before the release of their new eBook entitled “Winning Profit in the Age of Continuous Innovation

As I read the eBook I kept thinking about Heraclitus’ famous refrain: “The only constant is change.”

We are all familiar with the three-age system used to identify prehistory periods by tool manufacture and use. It took humans nearly 2,000,000 years to innovate from stone tools to bronze ones and another 2000 years to move Iron tools.

The rate of innovation increased in the 20th century. For example, it took the Manhattan project less than 5 years to unravel the destructive force of the atom; NASA took 8 to land people on the moon, and the Human Genome Project 13 to decode human DNA.

In this century, with the increasing rate of scientific knowledge, information has become ubiquitous.  Innovation has taken its place as the fuel for the growth engine.

In my opinion, we have entered the age of “Continuous Innovation”. In this Age, it is the rate of innovation which will keep societies and economies growing.

To remain competitive in the age of ‘Continuous Innovation’, leading organizations must shift away from traditional incremental innovation cycles, supported by standalone and fragmented processes and systems.

Leading organizations must out-innovate their competition by embracing proactive, cohesive and fully integrated approaches to Manufacturing, Quality and Intelligence.

eBook.bmpI recommend reading this e-Book to learn how Camstar defines “Closed-Loop Quality Execution” as the next leap forward for manufacturing quality. In the eBook Camstar provides details for this new end-to-end business process surrounding manufacturing and quality operations. Properly implementing an integrated foundation, like the one proposed, can enable accelerated product innovation while simultaneously improving quality.

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