Pfizer Shares Its Secrets For Successful ID Management

By Daniel R. Matlis

In 2005, I had the opportunity to visit Pfizer’s Groton, CT, facility to learn about the company’s implementation of its smart card Identity Management and Digital Signature system. The system uses SAFE-BioPharma Association’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) standard.  SAFE is a coalition of pharmaceutical companies responsible for establishing a common digital identity and signature standard and trust model for the pharmaceutical industry,

During our visit we had the privilege of interviewing Tony Gazikas and Scott Potter from Pfizer. Portions of our interviews were published in a SAFE whitepaper entitled “Meeting the Need for a Global Identity Management System in the Life Sciences Industry

This week’s CIO Magazine, includes an article by Laurianne McLaughlin entitled “How Pfizer Did ID Management Right”.

I was delighted to see that the CIO article highlighted some of the same points we address in the SAFE whitepaper. More importantly, I was pleased to see that the hard work done by members of the SAFE-BioPharma association is getting the recognition it deserves not only in Life-Sciences, but across the CIO community.

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