The Challenges of Making Life-Science from Life

by Daniel R. Matlis

I recently wrote a whitepaper discussing how Biological product manufacturers seek to achieve two seemingly contradictory objectives:

    1. Implement tight controls over every step in the manufacturing processes to increase product yield and quality. 
    2. Provide for a flexible manufacturing process allowing for maximum equipment reconfiguration and utilization lowering capital investments.

In the paper we examine technologies which can enable the transformation required to simultaneously achieve the objectives thereby reducing process variability and costs, while increasing product yields and quality.

The folks at Camstar, the white-paper’s underwriter, have asked me to participate in a 3 part webinar series based on the research findings.

The webinars will address key business regulatory and technology challenges facing the Biotechnology industry, as well as provide practical and proven approaches firms can use to address them.

The topics to be covered in the series include:

Making Life-Science from Life – The State of the Biotech Industry

This webinar will focus on the current state of the industry and provide framework for tools and techniques Bio-Technology and Bio-Diagnostics products manufacturers can take advantage of to address challenges and opportunities.

Pursuing the Golden Batch (From Data to Truth)

This session will discuss a variety of tools and techniques which can be used to identify key parameters responsible for making a Golden Batch, and the means of translating the analysis into repeatable and controllable processes.

The Future is Now –Manufacturing Personalized Medicines Today

Manufacturing approaches in Biotech are as varied as the products being manufactured. They range from outsourcing and factory-less manufacturing, to dedicated equipment and flexible manufacturing for quick facility reconfiguration. This webinar will cover need for a flexible, configurable and adaptable manufacturing system of record.

If you would like to attend one of these Webinars on the entire series please click here to register.

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