Research Report

The State of Generative AI in Life Sciences


In the dynamic landscape of the life sciences industry, GEN AI has emerged as a double-edged sword, embodying the promise of revolutionary advancements
alongside significant challenges.

This Axendia research report provides actionable insight into the positive impact of GEN AI within the Life Sciences industry. It highlights the benefits, adoption rates, significant opportunities, and challenges associated with this technology. Additionally, the report offers practical and actionable advice on how to effectively utilize GEN AI to drive positive disruption in the industry.

Please note: Axendia content is complimentary to individuals employed by Life Science, Academic and Government organizations. No further reproduction, distribution, copying or dissemination is allowed without prior written permission from Axendia.  Access to this content by Technology and Service providers requires an Axendia Analyst Engagement.  For more information, please contact

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