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Leading Companies Modernize Quality Management in the Cloud

Veeva Briefing Note

By: Sandra K. Rodriguez, Sr. Industry Analyst

Axendia was recently briefed by Mike Jovanis, vice president of Vault Quality and Kent Malmros, senior director of Vault Training at Veeva Systems.  Veeva Systems (www.veeva.com) is a cloud computing company focused on the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry.

Veeva Vault Quality customers continue to increase in numbers and now include 14 of the top 20 largest pharmaceutical companies. Leading companies around the world are adopting a cloud culture to lower the cost of implementation and ownership, enable collaboration with external partners, and simplify business processes.  To date, more than 175 biopharma, contract manufacturers, generics, and medtech companies, have adopted Vault QMS to streamline and automate quality processes. “As a trusted partner, Veeva has been collaborating closely with life sciences companies globally on their digital quality initiatives,” said Mike Jovanis, vice president, Veeva Vault Quality. “We are committed to customer success and will continue to deliver customer-focused innovation across product development and manufacturing.”

Vault QMS is part of the Veeva Vault Quality Suite, including Vault Product Surveillance, Vault QualityDocs, Vault Station Manager, and Vault Training to automate and harmonize quality processes globally.

Veeva’s continuous innovation is helping customers proactively manage quality and increase agility. Over the last year, new features for Vault QMS include:

  • Seamless connection between Vault QMS and Veeva Vault Registrations to reduce cycle time and increase transparency within post-market change control
  • Quality Risk Management (QRM) advancements, including FMEA methodology to support proactive identification and mitigation of risks
  • Fully automated process for external auditees such as CMOs and suppliers to respond to audit findings directly within the system
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Transforming Quality Management with a Modern Cloud Solution

Webinar Available On-Demand

By: Sandra K. Rodriguez, Market Analyst

For decades, life sciences companies have implemented on-premises quality management systems (QMS) to support regulatory requirements and replace paper-based processes. These systems were often implemented to mitigate regulatory findings rather than to create visibility, traceability and accountability throughout the product lifecycle. Today, companies are taking a different course and are adopting a cloud culture to modernize processes, improve supplier collaboration, and drive better quality and business outcomes.

I was recently joined by Joe Vigil, Director Quality Systems at Ultragenyx, and Mike Jovanis, VP Vault Quality at Veeva Systems, to discuss the achieved business benefits of a cloud-based quality solution on a webinar presented by Veeva Systems.

We discussed the internal and external factors that are contributing to the adoption of Cloud QMS and the benefits of an industry cloud platform including time to value and reduced validation efforts.   

With merger and acquisition activities a daily reality in the life sciences industry, companies are growing at rapid rates. “We started our journey to a cloud QMS about three years ago in 2017. At that time, we had about 350 employees and no commercial products. Today we’re over 750 employees and have two commercial products. So, we’ve grown quite a bit in a few years’ time, and we really were looking for a cloud solution that could grow with us,” said Vigil.

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