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QAD Reinvents the ERP User Experience

By: David R. Somers, Senior Industry Analyst 

Exploring Channel Islands  


The need to Explore is a strong human characteristic. Off the coast of Santa Barbara sit four islands which are visible from QAD’s headquarters office; On the Channel Island of Santa Rosa, scientists have confirmed that 13,000 years ago human explorers crossed over to the New World from Asia and settled the earliest widespread culture in North America.

Today, building on this same characteristic of exploration, QAD has set out to reinvent the way people use their products; not just a superficial “glossing up” of an existing platform, but a major and “deep” exploration into what users not only want –but need –from their experiences with the applications.


Image Courtesy of QAD

Image Courtesy of QAD

Historically, ERP systems have been designed and built strictly for function. The relationship between function and the user experience has been lacking, and navigating through these systems often requires memorization of function keys and bulky “Reference Sheets.”  In a world where most device interfaces are Swipe, Tap, and Click, traditional ERP interfaces left a lot to be desired. QAD has set out to reinvent the ERP User Experience, to revolutionize the way people interact with their ERP products. The result is not a superficial patch of an existing platform but an in-depth examination of what users require from their applications to support an effective enterprise.

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