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eBook: Are You on the Right Side of the Digital Divide?

An Axendia Voice of the Customer eBook, Presented by Propel

By: Sandra K. Rodriguez, Market Analyst

Historically, Life-Science companies have implemented on-premise electronic quality management systems (QMS) to support regulatory requirements and to replace paper-based processes. Likewise, product lifecycle management (PLM) processes were often paper-based or in stand-alone systems disconnected from QMS, field service management and customer relationship management (CRM). With the advent of the cloud, organizations began leveraging the ability to integrate and access product, quality and customer information from anywhere, on any device, at any time in a secure and controlled manner.  

In this Voice of the Customer eBook, presented by Propel, we address how cloud-based digital solutions are enabling the unification of processes and data that once resided in outdated, disparate and disconnected legacy systems.  By taking a common platform approach, Life-Science companies are transforming and simplifying business processes in the cloud, driving organizational efficiencies in a compliant and cost-effective manner, and delivering greater customer satisfaction through it all.  

In this eBook, executives from Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) and Cantel discuss:

  • The Value of an Integrated Platform
  • Getting Cloud Comfortable in a Regulated Environment
  • Faster Time to Value
  • Streamlined Compliance with Global Regulatory Requirements
  • Unlocking the Value of a Platform
  • Why Data Integrity is Business Integrity
  • The Benefits of a Closed-Loop Platform
  • Pros, Cons and Lessons Learned

To determine if your organization is on the right side of the digital divide, request your copy below.


Where Does Your Organization Fall on the Cloud Comfortable Scale?

By: Sandra K. Rodriguez, Market Analyst

Based on our conversations with Life-Science executives and quantitative research, it is clear that many companies fall into one of four categories:

  • Cloud Averse
  • Cloud Curious
  • Cloud Comfortable
  • Cloud First

While many companies are uncomfortable with change, a significant portion of the lndustry is developing a digital transformation/integration strategy and becoming cloud curious.  

With many GxP applications already available in the cloud, the cloud comfortable and cloud first companies are more resilient and better equipped to overcome current and future business, technology and regulatory challenges.  These companies are also lowering the compliance costs with multi-site cloud native GxP solutions.

Request your copy of our Cloud Comfortable Scale to determine which category you fall into.  Need more information? We’re here to help!


Life-Science Companies Are Becoming Cloud Comfortable

… And You Heard It Here First

By: Sandra K. Rodriguez, Market Analyst

Based on our interactions with companies large and small, cloud solutions for Quality, Operations and Maintenance Management are being increasingly adopted to lower costs (implementation, validation and maintenance from a technology standpoint) and for improved process and people efficiencies.

Not convinced? Earlier this year, we published our findings in a report titled “See Who’s Soaring to the Cloud in Support of Quality and Compliance.” Most of the companies we spoke to already had experience implementing a variety of business systems in the cloud including: Email, CRM, ERP, Document Management, Serialization and HR systems.

Most, if not all, software vendors that we either met or conducted briefings with this year have cloud offerings to support: AI/ML, APS, CTMS, EAM, MES, PLM, RIM, etc.

Executives we interviewed for our Cloud QMS report agreed that:

  • Modern cloud platforms have a secure infrastructure with very high availability and uptime
  • Value can be quickly achieved by unifying business functions on a cloud platform
  • System accessibility and availability is necessary for today’s global workforce
  • Moving to the modern cloud is not only a strategic move but one that supports a sustainable digital transformation strategy
  • Taking a cloud-first approached supports improved business outcomes by eliminating the need for an internal IT army

Over seven years ago, Axendia published a report based on a survey of 125 MedTech Executives.  We sought to understand “Balancing the Risks and Rewards of MedTech Globalization.”  At the time, Axendia’s position was simple:

To mitigate globalization growing pains and attain sustained benefits, the Med-Tech ecosystem will need to implement new strategies, processes, and technologies to proactively manage risk across the life-cycle of Med-Tech Products in a global and outsourced environment.

Today, we are seeing the adoption of modern cloud solutions that offer:

  • Holistic control over governance, risk management, and compliance practices
  • Enhanced visibility across the Med-Tech ecosystem
  • Improved collaboration with all constituents across the total product lifecycle

Being cloud comfortable doesn’t mean that every aspect of a company’s business is being managed in the cloud but Maintenance, Manufacturing and Quality clouds (to name a few) are quickly replacing on-premises applications.

Need help with your cloud strategy? Contact our Analyst Team today.