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Dassault Systèmes Articulates Interconnected Life-Science Vision

Dassault Systèmes 2021 Analyst Conference Event Brief

By: Sandra K. Rodriguez, Senior Industry Analyst and Daniel R. Matlis, President

Dassault Systèmes continued to articulate its interconnected Life-Science vision at the 2021 Analyst conference.

“In the experience economy, business science and innovation are all about relationships,” said Bernard Charlès, Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer at Dassault Systèmes. “The real phenomenon of the platform is about building an interconnected continuous interactive loop with your value chain from design to user experience,” he added.

“We are not talking about upstream and downstream applications anymore, it’s a continuous flow of imagine, create, produce, advocate, value and use,” said Charlès.

While Axendia does not believe in force ranking vendors because there is no BEST (see: Who is the Best Technology Vendor?), Dassault Systèmes executives were the first to articulate their avant-garde vision to support the Life-Science value network from end to end.  This vision is backed by an impressive offering portfolio aimed at providing an interconnected and continuous interactive platform that supports the Life-Science value network from end to end. 

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Dassault Systèmes Shifts Focus From Things to Life

2020 Analyst Conference Event Brief

By: Daniel R. Matlis, President

At the 2020 Dassault Systèmes Analyst conference, Bernard Charlès, Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, presented his bold and audacious ambition for the next 10 years. “Dassault Systèmes will focus on developing its leadership in Life Sciences & Healthcare alongside two other strategic sectors of the economy: Manufacturing Industries and Infrastructure & Cities,” proclaimed Charlès. 

While this shift may be surprising to many, at Axendia, we have witnessed first-hand Dassault Systèmes’ commitment to pursue Life-Sciences with Mind, Body, and Soul for over a decade.  In 2014, I had the opportunity to Hover Through the Human Heart. In 2019, the Medidata acquisition provided The Missing Link in Dassault Systèmes Powerful Portfolio to Support the Life Sciences Industry

Under Charlès’ leadership, the company displays a rare culture focused on long term audacious goals, driven by unbridled passion yet measured by meticulous execution. Charlès has helped instill a culture of ongoing innovation to further consolidate Dassault Systèmes’ scientific capabilities and make science part of the company’s DNA.  

To achieve this goal, Dassault Systèmes (3DS) is shifting and will leverage the virtual twin experience as a new way of representing the world. Charlès laid out 3DS’s vision in a manifesto titled “Things to Life” where he explains: 

What is the difference between things and life? Life is not made of parts: the human body is one piece and hyper connected. Life doesn’t do standardization: it’s personalized design, production and usage. And life isn’t “used” but lived. Life is an experience. So, to improve life, we have to invent new ways of representing reality. We have to invent the virtual twin experience of life. 

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