Daniel R. Matlis is the Founder and President of Axendia – a trusted advisor to Life-Science and Healthcare executives on business, technology, and regulatory issues.

Dan’s career in the industry spans over 20-years and has included projects in research & development, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, business development and information technology.

Prior to founding Axendia, Dan was General Manager & VP at Stelex (now a GE company) – a leading consultancy to life-science companies.

He started his professional career at Ethicon, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson Company.

A Note from Dan:
I have never considered myself the sharpest tool in the shed, but I noticed that when people were looking for common sense solutions, I was there to provide them.
That’s one key reason I started Axendia, I wanted to provide common sense solutions and trusted advice to executives on the business, technology and regulatory issues facing the industry.
I also want to share my thoughts and opinions; after all I am the foremost expert in my own opinion, so I decided to publish this journal.

Therefore, the articles published in Life-Science Panorama, represent my personal views, or those of contributors. These articles reflect the author’s impressions on a particular topic at the time of publication.

Since I am not running for public office, where consistency seems to be more important than reason, I reserve the right to be open-minded and to change my opinion as new information and knowledge become available on a subject.

I know all this may sound a bit Machiavellian (my Nickname in grad school was High-Mach) but you have to develop a certain degree of self assurance if you are going to share your opinions on the web.

I hope you will find this Journal interesting and that you will share your thoughts and opinions with me.