Accelerate Innovation in Life Science Manufacturing: CSA has given you the license to do it! – An Axendia Industry Webinar

Experts from AstraZeneca, Axendia and Tulip Interfaces shared how to move beyond a traditional validation approach and its reliance on non-value-added documentation to unblock your digital transformation.

Using traditional waterfall and document-based approaches to validate computerized systems has hindered the ability of life science manufacturers to keep pace with the rapid innovations in technology. Recognizing this challenge, the FDA released new draft guidance aimed at facilitating the swift adoption of cutting-edge tech. 

Manufacturers are now empowered to adopt a risk-based assurance approach and focus on what’s really important: patient safety and product quality. Despite this guidance, many manufacturers are struggling to shift their old ways.

In this webinar, industry experts Bob Buhlmann, AstraZeneca, Daniel R. Matlis,Axendia, and Michelle Vuolo, Tulip shared how Life Sciences manufacturers are aligning operations and quality to quickly implement solutions and achieve value. 

In addition, you’ll hear how AstraZeneca has transformed its operations, successfully achieving digital adoption. 

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