Axendia’s Remarkable 18-Year Journey as Trusted Advisors to the Life Sciences Industry

This month we celebrate 18 years of Axendia’s contributions to the life sciences industry. Since our inception, Axendia has continuously demonstrated exceptional dedication and innovation in serving the life science industry.

Axendia was born of an unmet need from executives who sought trusted advice and insight on the business, technology, and regulatory trends impacting the life sciences industry. They realized that many firms focused on ranking technology companies, reorganizing businesses, and implementing regulatory mandates. And yet, what was missing and industry executives looked for was advice from experts with REAL Life Sciences industry experience who lived and understood the specifics of the industry.

In 2005, Axendia BECAME that trusted source. With analysts and experts averaging 25+ years of industry experience, Axendia became the go-to organization for first-hand strategic advice, quantitative & qualitative research that comes “straight- from-the-source”, and the foresight executives require to make informed decisions based on their unique needs. Axendia’s experts understand the issues and priorities the industry faces and can speak “the” language with executives, technology & software providers, and regulators.

We KNOW what Regulators are Thinking!

Axendia has maintained a close and productive relationship with the FDA. Axendia’s experts have FDA officials on “speed dial” – allowing them to advise the regulators and understand the “Agency’s” thinking on transformational strategies impacting life sciences.

Axendia has presented findings from our primary research to Center Directors and Staff at FDA Headquarters. Our analysts have been involved in FDA’s Case for Quality Initiative, Advisory Council on Modeling, Simulation and in-Silico Clinical Trial, co-chaired the Product Quality Outcomes Analytics initiative with Agency officials as well as, provided input on the Agency’s guidance on “Computer Software Assurance for Production and Quality System Software.”

18 Years of Predicting the Industry’s Future

Axendia’s has earned the reputation of accurately predicting Life Science trends. As a result, our clients often ask us to forecast what’s on the industry’s horizon. To answer their question, we developed a Life Science radar and webinar series to communicate business, regulatory, and technology areas of focus and predict when these trends will become mainstream. Since 2019, this Life Science Industry Radar has allowed us to plot disruptors enabling Life Science organizations take a holistic view of business, regulatory, and technology trends to “plot a course to success.”

Axendia was also an early advocate for adopting state of the art technologies in the life science sector. Even in 2006, Axendia was pushing the idea that technology would be required to achieve Total Business Integration, the year’s buzzword. Axendia was RIGHT—and now we are amid Industry 4.0, whose key elements include Artificial Intelligence, automation, robotization, big data analytics, smart systems, virtualization, machine learning, and the Internet of Things.

Axendia’s ability to anticipate industry trends is a testament to its foresight. As a result, our clients also rely on our strategy sessions where they understand that:

  • with “Good Technology Practices,” they can embark on their Journey to Digital Sustainability
  • to achieve visibility and improve outcomes throughout the entire value network – weaving a Digital Fabric is a MUST!  
  • organizations are never done digitally transforming.  They must proactively seek tomorrow’s technology, today!
  • if you are not modernizing, you are out of Compliance.  
  • Digital Transformation is IMPERATIVE for the industry!  

Through our 18 years in business, we have established trusted relationships with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 organizations, in the Bio-Pharma, Medical Device, Diagnostic, Cell & Gene Therapy, as well as technology providers.

In addition, Axendia has created an extensive collection of valuable thought leadership content. Our Life Science Panorama Blog and resource library includes 18 years of quantitative and qualitative research and insight from the leading Life Science Industry Analysts, Thought Leaders, and Regulators.

Thank You for Your Trust

We’ve been fortunate to receive recognition for our work. Not only are our experts invited to keynote, chair, and participate in high-profile industry events, Axendia was recognized by CIOReview magazine as one of the 20 Most Promising Pharma and Life Sciences Solution Providers and a Top 10 Analytics Service Providers by Pharma Technology Outlook.

But the most important recognition is your trust. Thank you for 18 years of confidence in Axendia. We look forward to continuing to be THE source of trusted Life Sciences advice.

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    The opinions and analysis expressed in this Briefing Note reflect the judgment of Axendia at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice. Information contained in this report is current as of publication date. Information cited is not warranted by Axendia but has been obtained through a valid research methodology. This report is not intended to endorse any company or product and should not be attributed as such.

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