Infinite Opportunities from Infinite Data in Life Sciences

Siemens Announcements at the Hannover Messe 2021 – Event Brief

By Eric M. Luyer – Industry Research Analyst, Axendia Inc.

In these difficult “Corona” times the buzz word is “virtual”. Everything is virtual: meetings, webinars, education and conferences. A major yearly event is the Hannover Messe, Germany.  The event is a showcase and catalyst for the future of industrial transformation …and for 2021 it was virtual.

I had the opportunity to cover the first digital edition of the Hannover Messe from 12-16 April 2021.  According to Dr. Jochen Köckler, CEO of Deutsche Mess AG:  “The Hannover Messe 2021 Digital Edition demonstrates the innovative power of mechanical and electrical engineering and IT companies. At the same time, it showed that the tradeshow of the future is hybrid.”  And mentioned by the event organizers, 90,000 attendees generated more than 650,000 exhibitor and product searches during the five live trade show days.

This event is a showcase for all industries that are part of the industrial evolution.  It highlighted digital transformation processes necessary to meet requirements of sustainability and climate-neutral production, mobility of tomorrow and intelligent production and logistics technologies.  

This Event Brief reviews some of the exciting developments presented by Siemens A.G. during this virtual conference and how they might impact Life Sciences companies’ complex requirements now and in the future.

Infinite Opportunities from Infinite Data

Siemens had a unique virtual presence with the theme of “Infinite Opportunities from Infinite Data”. In a realistic 3D environment Siemens show-cased a variety of aspects of a digital enterprise illustrating Siemens offerings and views on current and future capabilities in a “digital experience”.

To help customers, Siemens developed the concept of the Digital Enterprise for different industries, including Pharma, supporting discrete or process manufacturing processes.

This concept includes all major components, from starting “small” and expanding when appropriate, depending on current situation and longer-term plans.

A key concept of Siemens’ Digital Enterprise for Pharma presentation was “Merging the virtual and the physical worlds. This blending makes it possible to seamlessly integrate the entire value chain from design to realization, while optimizing results using a continuous flow of data. In the eyes of Siemens, a true Digital Enterprise can empower the unlimited sets of data by gaining valuable insights to make fast and firm decisions for the creation of best-in-class products by using efficient production processes.

The concept includes typical requirements for the pharma industry e.g. full track and trace of all actions continuous paperless processes, while being consistent on overall quality and compliance. The system can be fully configured to specific needs, may have a digital twin of the digital and physical processes with simulation and analyses capabilities, and provide a continuous view of production efficiency.

Digital Enterprise, in Siemens’ vision, includes the idea of “Digital Threads”.  This is mapping of all digital processes based on specific business workflows. It digitally connects all tasks and processes of the entire lifecycles of product(s) and production, can enable controlled analysis of data throughout the product lifecycle and can process valuable information. 


With the concept of “Digital Enterprise”, Siemens is taking the next step of the digital transformation on the way to highly flexible modular production. With the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence or additive manufacturing into the portfolio, users will have new opportunities to achieve more flexible and intelligent production. The whole concept offers great optimization potential for predictive maintenance, precise condition monitoring and improved quality outcomes.

See also:

“Digitalization at every point along the value chain will likely help the pharma industry get pharmaceuticals from the lab to the patient more swiftly” commented Rebecca Vangenechten, Head of business Pharmaceutical Industry at Siemens. 

Expediting the Lab to Patient Value Chain…

Another major offering for Siemens is MindSphere. This is Siemens’ solution for industrial companies to link any assets and physical infrastructure to the cloud to create the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). By aggregating relevant data into one system, the user can perform relevant analysis and optimize key processes which result in reduced costs.  

I liked the term that Siemens used to describe MindSphere: “analytics-based product engineering“, or an IoT service solution that uses advanced analytics combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to “power” IoT from the edge to the cloud.  The benefits of using it are: better data-driven decisions, elimination of product issues, improved efficiency while reducing product validation time, better and quicker outcomes which lead to overall meeting customer needs and increase customer satisfaction. In short – a complete solution.

Invaluable insights for everyone…

Also of interest was PlantSight: Siemens’ digital twin portal for the process/discrete plant jointly developed with Bentley Systems – that consolidates all assets of a plant, by bringing together different types of data (1D, 2D, or 3D – both visualization data and static data) from different sources into a single source of truth.

I can imagine that an Operations Manager would like the opportunity to unveil previously hidden data, to get a complete view of the entire plant and to make better decisions and faster: being able to track and compare all plants or sites and to spot possibilities for improvement – anytime, anywhere.

PlantSight is a Digital Asset Portal which provides access to traditionally inaccessible data through intelligent scanning and interpretation – and generates valuable insights to plant data. A complete, “living” digital twin ensures data transparency and reliability for effective decision making.

Source: – Comprehensive Digital Twin (Siemens)

There is a growing set of pharmaceutical companies that Siemens is serving with their set of solutions including GSK, BioNTech, Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck, Bayer to name a few. They are using Siemens IT solutions for setting up full implementation projects like: ‘the-factory-of-the-future, digitalization of the full production cycle, setting up a full paperless manufacturing system, full migration projects to new process-control technology, etc.

All about faster, better-controlled, production cycles to better meet market demand.

It is impossible to detail all the different components of the Siemens offering, but these were some of the highlights of the sessions by Siemens I attended at this year’s virtual Hannover Messe.  

In Brief:

Evaluating the increasing complexity of business, technology and regulatory requirements, one can surmise that digital transformation has the opportunity to change everything (!). It opens new insights, gives value to the organization in terms of reducing time-to-respond, better decision-making processes and outcomes, more integrated business processes as business units are working together with an overall improved staff experience.  Siemens’ offerings are certainly well positioned to assist life science companies towards successful digital transformation.

We will continue to monitor Siemens’ offerings and strategy for the Life-Sciences industries.

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The opinions and analysis expressed in this Briefing Note reflect the judgment of Axendia at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice. Information contained in this document is current as of publication date. Information cited is not warranted by Axendia but has been obtained through a valid research methodology. This document is not intended to endorse any company or product and should not be attributed as such.

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