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Puerto Rico Packaging Summit 2019

Event Brief

By: Sandra K. Rodriguez, Market Analyst

The Puerto Rico Packaging Summit 2019 took place in Condado, Puerto Rico.  The summit focused on the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) – Puerto Rico Chapter’s core organizational value: Packaging Contribution.  The Summit drew 129 attendees, representing 48 companies.

The message was simple and clear: We Speak Packaging. Speak Packaging With Us.

IoPP PresentersToday, advanced technologies including deep learning, artificial intelligence and robotics are playing a key role in an important piece of the supply chain and manufacturing processes.  Presentations by Amgen, Adents, Rockwell Automation, Pfizer and Hi-Tech Products demonstrated not if or when, but how automation and technology is already impacting manufacturing and operations in the Life-Sciences.

Jorge Delgado, Sr. Manager of Process Development at Amgen explained that deep learning can help overcome some challenges in Automatic Visual Inspection (AVI).  “Even with multiple techniques, it is still a challenge to effectively detect particles using current AVI technologies for particle detection,” said Delgado. Continue reading