eBook: The Life-Science Factory of the Future


The demand for organizational visibility, control and collaboration to achieve resilience is a catalyst to modernization and digital transformation in the highly regulated Life-Science industry.  Medical device and diagnostic products are becoming increasingly complex; next generation products cannot be effectively manufactured in last generation factories!  Manufacturing next generation devices requires a digital factory that supports closed loop manufacturing and workforce optimization across the product lifecycle.  It requires a Sustainable Factory of the Future, today!

Forward thinking Life Science companies are addressing the need to solve tomorrow’s challenges regarding the complexity of designing, sourcing, and manufacturing high quality medical products in a stringent regulatory environment. Life-Science companies are embarking on a digital transformation journey by modernizing manufacturing, reinventing their value network and building the Factory of the Future.  These companies have the opportunity to reap many benefits, both in the near and long-term. 

In this Voice of the Customer eBook, presented by Dassault Systèmes DELMIA , we discuss:

  • Justifying investments in the Factory of the Future
  • The Factory of the Future – Fact, Not Fiction
  • The Workforce of the Future
  • Building Resilient Value Networks
  • Digitally Transforming Manufacturing
  • Digital Evidence – The Review of the Future
  • Leveraging the Power of a Digital Twin