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From Flip Flops To The Cloud!

The Next Step in the Evolution of ERP

 By David Somers, Senior Industry Analyst, Axendia


Sometimes, there are certain occasions which transcend an otherwise seemingly routine activity of business commerce into something truly insightful and innovative. I was privileged to witness just such an event this past May, the origin of which began nearly 40 years ago from a relationship that emerged from a meeting of necessity by two individuals, creating what is QAD today.


Image courtesy of QAD

Pamela Lopker, Chairman of the Board and President of QAD,  a leader in manufacturing software for industrial businesses and Karl Lopker, Chief Executive Officer, direct all of QAD’s business, including operations, expansion into new markets with a specific focus on a strong regional and industry-specific direction. Formerly Karl was president of Deckers Outdoor Corporation; the makers of the iconic multi-layered rainbow Flip Flops designed to to fill the “Space Below Your Feet.”

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Internet of Medical Things

 Moving Towards Integration of Medical Device Data

By Ellyn McMullin and Daniel R. Matlis

Currently, there is a lot of talk about the Internet of Everything.

RickValenciaColorTo learn about the state of the “Internet of Medical Things,” we recently spoke with Rick Valencia, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Qualcomm Life, Inc. During our briefing, we focused the recently announced collaboration between Cerner and Qualcomm Life, aimed at extending medical device connectivity capabilities beyond the hospital to the home.

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Innovation on a Global Scale. Are you Ready?

Quality, Regulations, Design and the Patient Experience

By Sandra Rodriguez, Research Associate, Axendia

Med-Tech companies are at an innovation crossroads. They must seek new ways to develop, design and manufacture products that meet the needs of both the “masses” and the individual patient – all while increasing quality of care and reducing healthcare costs.

According to our research, 72% of respondents report an increase in the rate of new product introduction (innovation) in emerging markets.

To learn how leading Med-Tech companies are applying innovation practices to address today’s global marketplace, Axendia hosted a discussion with Stuart Karten, Principal at Karten Design, Cathi Crist, Partner and Medical Device Industry Lead at Kalypso, in a webinar moderated by Daniel R. Matlis.Karten-Christ-Matlis Continue reading


IBM Wants to Use Watson to Fix a Disconnected Healthcare System

By Ellyn McMullin, Research Associate, Axendia

IBM’s recently announced new business unit – Watson Health- has collaborated with major players in the Healthcare industry. These new collaborations include Apple, Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic. The promise of the “Watson Discovery Advisor” reviewed a few months ago in a Life –Science Panorama article has evolved into targeted goals. IBM has established new partnerships that will transform the patient experience, improve healthcare and accelerate medical research. Continue reading


Compliance-First Approach Still Obstacle to Product Quality

 After Five Years, Compliance-First Approach Still Obstacle to Improving Product Quality


Five years ago we looked at the road blocks to improving product quality. In the intervening years there has been little change by most Med-Tech Companies. The matter of Product Quality vs. Compliance recently has been given a push toward the Quality side by efforts made by the FDA. The four-part whitepaper reveals how aligning process improvement initiatives with technology platforms and integrated approached to product quality can help Med-Tech organizations improve product quality, compliance and the bottom line. Continue reading