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2012 Medical Device Industry Research

The increasing pace of globalization and outsourcing in the Medical Device industry has created demanding business, technology and regulatory challenges. As one industry executive put it, "I sleep like a baby - I wake up every 2 hours and cry."

To identify key pain-points and innovative strategies that brand owners, their partners, and regulators are undertaking to cope in this new environment, Axendia is launching this important research study.

This research will evaluate the impact of globalization and outsourcing across the entire Medical Device life cycle (from R&D design, supply chain, manufacturing and distribution). The study will provide insights into how industry leaders and regulators are utilizing innovative strategies and systems to improve visibility, control, and collaboration. It will also provide a roadmap to enable organization to mitigate risk and increase business success.

To support this project, we are seeking input from industry practitioners representing the broad spectrum of companies in the Medical Device sector - including organizations of all sizes and every geographic region across the broad spectrum of Medical Device products.

To provide your input for this important industry research and share your perspectives on Medical Device issues and trends, please contact us via email email at

Industry practitioners who complete the survey will be eligible to receive a copy of the Research Report once it is completed. Individual responses will remain confidential; responses will be aggregated to formulate the report findings.

We look forward to your contribution on this research. To complete the survey click on this link:

This research study is co-sponsored by leading companies active in the Life Sciences sector. They are supporting this research to increase the understanding of processes and systems that enable global visibility and transparency across the Life Sciences value chain. The companies are (in alphabetical order): Camstar Systems (, iGate Patni (, and PwC (

Axendia retains full editorial control and is responsible for conducting the research, analysis and publishing the report.
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